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  • KMW Biomass Supply Program

    KMW recognizes that some clients have limited knowledge and experience in securing suitable biomass fuel. To assist our customers in this, KMW has introduced the KMW Biomass supply program. Under this program KMW will use its vast knowledge and experience and enter into a fuel supply contract where we will take on the responsibility to supply the biomass. KMW Biomass is constantly researching new biomass sources and through blending can “engineer” fuels to bring an even greater value, efficiency and comfort to our customers.

    Wondering where and how to purchase biomass, and how it arrives to your facilities? The KMW Biomass Supply Program has you covered.

    How do I enroll in the KMW Biomass Supply Program?


    To learn more about the KMW Biomass Supply Program, start the conversation with one of our biomass specialists today. Click here to contact us via E-mail, or call our offices at  519-686-1771.

    Biomass Facts

    Biomass is not fossilised material (like oil, coal and gas) but fresh material that can grow again after having been harvested.

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