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  • Biochar Systems

    KMW Energy Group offers innovative new technology for combined heat and biochar production.

    In addition to any heating or power requirement you may have, KMW Energy Group offers systems capable of producing high quality biochar, with systems capable of producing 1-2 tonnes/hour of biochar while maintaining full steam/hot gas or hot water output. The KMW system, when operating in the biochar production mode as a high temperature gasifier can produce biochar from any biomass feedstock.

    Benefits of the KMW Biochar Systems:

    • Self sustaining production of biochar and heat
    • Continuous 24/7 production of certifiable biochar
    • No pre-drying required
    • High carbon content >85% C
    • High Temperature Gasification leads to Low Hydrogen/Carbon ratio. Stable Carbon for long term sequestration of CO2
    • No condensed volatiles
    • Very high energy efficiency with boiler and economizer resulting in low stack temperature.
    • High BET Surface Area
    • High Adsorption Average Pore Diameter

    KMW customers can benefit from integrating KMW’s biochar equipment with their energy system to produce valuable biochar for sale, as well as produce and sell carbon credits.

    Contact KMW today to learn about how to incorporate biochar production into your next heating or power project to increase revenues and decrease payback.
    If you already own and operate a KMW system today, contact us to learn about upgrading your system to produce biochar.

    Biomass Facts

    Biomass is not fossilised material (like oil, coal and gas) but fresh material that can grow again after having been harvested.

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