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    Welcome to the KMW Press Room! Here, you’ll find news and updates related to KMW, our contracts and clients, and the biomass industry. Check this space often learn what’s new at KMW Energy.

    April 2023

    KMW Energy Has Moved

    KMW Energy Group has completed our move to Unit #406, 140 Fullarton Street, London, Ontario, N6A 5P2. This new location will allow us to serve our customers with an updated space in the heart of London Ontario and provide additional room for our growing team.

    October 2022

    UNB Central Heating

    KMW Energy Group was selected to supply a new biomass fired boiler to the University of New Brunswick Central Heating Plant in Fredericton, NB. The new boiler will generate 50,000 lbs/hr of 150 psig process steam initially and is designed to allow operation up to 600 psig for the future installation of a steam turbine. KMW’s system will replace an existing wood fired boiler and enhance the operation of the heating plant with state-of-the-art controls, automatic fuel and ash handling and enhanced emission control. Construction is planned for summer 2024.

    January 2022

    J.D. Irving Combustion Project

    KMW Energy Group supplying combustion system to J.D. Irving, Limited’s Grand River Pellets. The KMW system generates 62 million BTU/hr. for heating of a rotary dryer and is fuelled by bark. This system is part of Grand River Pellets’ $30-million capital project that is set to double its drying capacity and allow feedstock flexibility.

    Click on link for more details: https://www.canadianbiomassmagazine.ca/grand-plans-n-b-pellet-producer-embarks-on-30m-expansion-project/

    This project will be JD Irving’s 8th system from KWM Energy Group.

    December 2021

    Scierie Landrienne – 600 BHP Steam Plant

    KMW Energy Group supplying 600 BHP wood fired steam boiler to Scierie Landrienne Inc., in Landrienne, Quebec. The system will burn a bark and is for heating of the sawmills dry kilns.

    August 2021

    La Crete Sawmills – Rotary Dryer

    KMW Energy Group supplying La Crete Sawmills Inc., located in La Crete, Alberta a new combustion system for rotary dryer heating. The system is sized for 90 million BTU/Hr. and will provide hot fluegas to two rotary dryers at the La Crete pelletizing facility.

    September 2020

    Group Level’s Bois Daaquam – 600 BHP Steam Plant

    KMW Energy Group supplying 600 BHP wood fired steam boiler system to Groupe Lebel’s Bois Daaquam Inc located in Saint-Just-de Bretenieres, QC. KMW is supplying a complete boiler system including fuel receiving and storage, fuel transfer, combustion, heat recovery steam boiler, emission controls, and automatic ash handling.

    July 2020

    KMW Energy Joins with Nor-Arc Industrial Services and Normex Metal

    KMW Energy joins together with Nor-Arc Steel Fabricators, Nor-Arc Industrial Services and Normex Metal to form the KMW/Norarc/Normex Group. KMW and Norarc/Normex have worked together previously for over 20 years with KMW responsible for equipment design and Norarc/Normex fabricating the majority of KMW Equipment. Now as one group KMW can offer complete project control including design, fabrication, and installation.

    For more information on Norarc/Normex please visit:  https://norarc.com/ 

    May 2020 

    Quebec Sawmill – 400 BHP Combustion System and Heat Recovery Boiler

    Quebec sawmill installed a KMW Energy Biomass Fired Energy System comprised of 400 BHP bark fired combustion system and heat recovery boiler.

    October 2019

    LVL Global. – 600 BHP Steam System

    LVL Global., has installed a KMW Energy Group boiler which utilizes uses bark and wood residue as fuel at their facility that manufactures laminated veneer lumber in Ville-Marie, Quebec. The system is equipped with 600 BHP boiler and provides steam for drying and heating.

    March 2019

    RDF Project in Italy

    KMW was contracted to supply an RDF Fired Thermal Gasification System to Italy to provide energy for thermal oil heating for a 1MW ORC power generation plant. This is a first of its kind and KMW was selected for its advanced technology and expertise meeting strict European regulations.

    February 2019

    District Heating Plant in Sweden


    KMW was selected for a turn-key contract to refurbish and upgrade an existing heating plant with two 4MW hot water boiler systems to Skurups Fjärrvärme AB in Skurup Sweden. KMW is supplying a complete system including emission control and condensing heat recovery system for maximum efficiency. As Sweden is a world leader in utilizing biomass for sustainable energy, our involvement in this project is a testimony to our high level of technology and experience, says founder Eric Rosen.

    April 2018

    Forestieres DG – 600 BHP Steam Plant

    KMW has contracted to supply Les Produits Forestieres D.G. Ltee with a 600HP biomass boiler for their Ste-Aurelié operation. After two years successful operation of a KMW boiler installed at their St-Come plant Les Produits Forestiers D.G. becomes another repeat customer for KMW.

    April 2018

    KMW supplying Ensyn a combustion system

    KMW has contracted to supply a new combustion system to Ensyn, ON to allow the company to utilize their filter cake by-product. After a successful combustion trial using the KMW unit at Canmet/NRCan Ottawa, Ensyn selected KMW to supply a new combustion system for generating hot flue gas to be used for drying in their process burning biomass oil filter cake. This unique application shows the flexibility of the KMW combustion technology to adapt to a wide variety of biomass.

    March 2018

    10 MW electric power plant

    KMW is supplying two 60,000 lb/hr high pressure steam boilers to a Montreal area power plant. The system will operate on a mixture of railway ties, telephone poles. N.G and green wood.

    July 2017

    KMW supplying 250 BHP hot water boiler to a N.S. Greenhouse.

    KMW is supplying a 250 BHP hot water boiler to a repeat customer at a Nova Scotia Greenhouse. In 2005 KMW supplied a 250 BHP hot water boiler to the same customer and after 12 years of successful operation the customer was ready to double their biomass boiler capacity to increase overall production.

    May 2017

    KMW supplying a new combustion system to Cascades Containerboard Packaging.

    KMW has contracted to supply a new modern combustion system to Cascades in Cabano, QC. This will replace an existing wood fired system to allow them to reach the 100,000 lbs/hr steam production the existing boiler was designed for.

    December 2016

    8.5 MW CHP Plant in Maine

    KMW has contracted with Georges River Energy / Robbins Lumber in Maine for the design and supply of a complete biomass energy system to generate 8.5 MW of electric power from fuelbin to gas stack including turbine, generator and cooling tower. Startup is summer 2018. “This project is strategically significant for KMW as it confirms our technical and cost advantages in the CHP market” says KMW founder Eric Rosen.

    October 2016

    Energia 2016, Finland

    KMW exhibits at the EXPO Energia 2016 in Tampere, Finland. “This is our first exhibition at a European Trade Show and a strategic move into the European market” says KMW founder Eric Rosen.

    February 2016

    Hefler Forest Products

    The CHP plant at Hefler Forest Products was designed for 3.1 MW of electric power.  The production has increased to 3.5 MWe and has the potential of achieving 3.7 MWe.  This successful plant is generating renewable power while also supplying steam for the mill.

    January 2016

    14 MW Power Project in Portugal

    KMW have contracted with Energest for their Probiomass project in Porto, Portugal for the design and supply of the biomass energy system which will generate 14 MW of electric power. “This project is a clear indication that KMW is very competitive in terms of technology and cost in the European market” says KMW founder Eric Rosen.


    KMW supplies controls upgrade to sawmill

    Many of the KMW systems have been in service for more than 20 years and are now benefitting from upgrading the control system. The result is increased efficiency and performance. Projects completed are also yielding increased reliability and decreased emissions.

    January 2015

    Energy Symposium 2015 in Timmins

    KMW founder Eric Rosen will share his experience on “Sustainable Biomass Energy for Communities” at the Energy Symposium 2015 on January 22-23 at the Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa in Timmins. This event is hosted by Five Nations Energy Inc. & Mushkegowuk Tribal Council.

    January 2014

    New Project in Nova Scotia

    KMW has contracted with Hefler Forest Products for the supply of a biomass energy system to generate 3.1 MW of electric power. The startup is spring of 2015.

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