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    Founded in 1947 and operating as an independent Canadian company since 1987 KMW has unrivaled experience and history in the biomass boiler industry. With 70 years of experience engineering, manufacturing and supplying biomass combustion systems and boilers, KMW can take any project from concept to completion. With boilers operating in North, Central, and South America, as well as Europe and Australia KMW has a proven track record for delivering.

    KMW believes that the unique nature of biomass and waste derived fuel requires that every project is custom designed to suit the fuel as well as the process requirement.  To support our customers in developing their biomass boiler and biomass power plants KMW provides fuel testing, feasibility studies, detailed engineering, risk analysis and financial analysis.

    KMW’s research and development team works with leading Canadian university research groups on innovative combustion and emission reduction technologies. For customers with unique fuel challenges KMW can provide demonstration services in our 1.5 MWth demonstration plant.

    KMW works closely with our client’s project management teams, engineering staff and professional advisors to evaluate and implement biomass energy projects. We strive to establish life long relationships with our customers and their communities by providing systems with a service life in excess of 25 years. KMW is dedicated to the use, growth, sustainability, and responsible use of biomass energy.

    From consulting, to system design and supply, to development, KMW has over 35 years as the world leader in biomass.

    Biomass Facts

    Worldwide, biomass is the fourth largest energy resource after coal, oil, and natural gas.


    KMW’s response to the need for greater biomass fuel flexibility is our continuing efforts in research and development to enhance our combustion technology.

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