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  • An Introduction to our Equipment and Products

    KMW provides complete biomass boiler systems including:

    Screen-Shot-2017-11-28-at-12.29.41-PMFuel Storage and Conveying

    KMW engineers and manufacturers custom fuel receiving, storage and reclaim equipment. Live bottom fuel storage systems between 1 hour storage up to 90 hours storage are available. KMW supplies all required fuel transfer conveyors including heavy duty screw conveyors and chain conveyors.



    Moving Grate Combustion System

    KMW’s first moving grate system was put into commission in 1980 and has been perfected over the last 37 years. KMW’s patented grate system includes stainless steel alloy grates and individually controllable grate row movement.  The KMW grate system is shop built and delivered to your site fully tested.



    The KMW Grate System provides unmatched fuel flexibility and has proven capabilities operating with a wide variety of fuels. The list below is an example of fuels that have been utilized with the KMW Moving Grate System.



    Wood chips

    Wood shavings

    Sanding dust

    Primary sludge

    Secondary sludge


    Biosolids (Municipal)

    C&D waste


    OSB plant waste

    Rice husks


    Wood pellets

    Orange peel pellets


    Filtercake from Pyrolysis

    Waste tires

    Waste Oil Filters

    KMW Boiler and Heater Systems

    KMW supplies custom designed boilers and heaters in the following capacities:

    Hot Water Boilers:

    KMW Offers complete hot water systems for commercial, institutional and greenhouse heating.

    Hot Water Systems range in size from 100 – 1,500 BHP.


    Low Pressure Steam Boilers:

    KMW fabricates complete low pressure steam boiler plants for heating, kiln drying and process steam requirements. Low pressure steam boilers are available from 200 – 2,500 BHP.


    Steam Boilers:

    KMW biomass steam boiler systems are available in the range of 5,000 lbs/hour up to 100,000 lbs/hour in a single boiler and multiple boiler configurations can supply up 500,000 lbs/hr.

    Steam pressure range is between 15 psig – 1350 psig and superheat is available up to 900 F.



    Thermal Fluid Heaters

    KMW has supplied thermal fluid heaters ranging in size from 5 to 50 Million BTU/hr. with oil temperatures up to 625 F.

    KMW Thermal Fluid Heater Systems provide hot oil in board plants owned by some of the worlds leading board manufacturers such as Norbord and Masisa. When commissioned in 1995 the Grande Prairie OSB mill pictured above was largest OSB plant in the world. Today the mill is producing 700 Million square feet each year.


    Rotary Dryer Systems

    KMW combustion systems supplying hot flue gas to rotary dryer systems are available up to 100 Million BTU/hr in a single unit. KMW and its partners can supply complete rotary dryer systems for any pellet or board plant project.


    Emission Control Systems

    KMW supplies custom emission control systems to meet any permit requirement worldwide. KMW multicyclones are included as standard equipment with any KMW system and further emission control is achieved through the use of electrostatic precipitators, baghouse filters, wet scrubbers and high efficiency cyclone systems.

    KMW Control System

    Each KMW boiler system comes complete with a state of the art control system, using the latest PLC and HMI technology. KMW boiler operators have the ultimate control to monitor and operate the KMW Boiler or KMW power generation equipment.


    Boiler Auxiliary Equipment

    KMW Designs and Fabricates a complete line of boiler auxiliary equipment including condensate tanks, feedwater pump skids, and blowdown tanks.

    KMW Power Generation and Combined Heat and Power Plants

    KMW’s combustion and boiler technology is utilized at power generation plants around the world. KMW has plants in operation ranging from 1 MWe up to 25 MWe. In addition to a combustion system and boiler system KMW offers complete power plant packages including:

    • Backpressure Turbines: 500kW to 10 MW
    • Condensing Extraction Turbines: 1 MW to 50 MW
    • ORC Turbines: 500 kW to 10 MW
    • Tube and Shell Surface Condensers
    • Wet Surface Air Cooled Condensers
    • Steam Jet Air Ejector Systems
    • Open Cell Cooling Towers
    • Air Cooled Condensers
    • Hybrid Cooling Towers
    • Cooling Water Circulating Systems

    3.5 MWe Condensing Extraction Turbine Operating in a KMW CHP Plant


    Wet Surface Air Cooled Condenser Operating in a KMW Boiler CHP Plant


    This Canadian Gas and Electric Power Utility Plant is located in Alberta, Canada. The design includes two parallel wood fired packaged boilers. 25 MW of electric power is produced. The total boiler output is 226,000 lbs./hr. At design capacity, the plant utilizes approximately 950 tons of fuel per day, consisting of wood residue from sawmills. Power is sold to the utility grid while the nearby sawmill also receives steam and power.


    In 1990 KMW designed and supplied our first utility power plant in Kirkland Lake, Ontario at 13 MW. This project has three parallel biomass boilers yielding great operating flexibility. The original PPA was for 25 years which ended in 2015. At that time the owner did a comprehensive review of the status of this operation and concluded that with an availability factor still in the mid 90’s there was no need to shut it down. Instead, they negotiated an additional 15 Year PPA extension ending the year 2030.

    Biomass Facts

    Biomass is not fossilised material (like oil, coal and gas) but fresh material that can grow again after having been harvested.

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