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  • The Benefits of Biomass

    From low environmental impacts, to reliability, adaptability and guaranteed performance, there are numerous reasons why you should use a KMW bioenergy system instead of traditional sources.

    • Stability – our energy systems provide you with low and predictable energy costs.
    • Clean – environmentally friendly, carbon-neutral energy production for thermal heating, steam and electricity generation.
    • Guaranteed Performance – systems are competitively priced and guaranteed to perform to specified levels.
    • Economical – system payback is usually between 1-3 years with savings up to 40% on energy costs when compared to fossil fuels.
    • Efficiency – designed for operating flexibility, low operational manpower, low maintenance & long-term reliability.
    • Financial Beneficial – depending on the waste produced, expensive disposal costs can be transformed into a fuel source and in the case of electricity production there is the potential for additional revenue streams.
    • Adaptability – older, existing boilers in many cases can be converted to biomass fired boilers saving significant time and expense
    • Fuel flexibility – our custom designs allow our Biomass Energy Systems to accept the largest range of fuel types and mixtures and can be re-adjusted over time to accommodate changes in your fuel and loads.
    • Proven experience – with over 100 KMW installations world-wide in a wide variety of industries and applications you can feel comfortable that you are dealing with experts at the forefront of the biomass energy industry.
    • Customization – each system is custom designed and engineered to fit the unique needs and environment of your operations to maximize results.
    • Support – KMW provides a complete spare part & service department for all your systems needs, as well as an experienced, well-trained staff to answer your questions and assist you from your first call through the entire life of your system.
    • Commitment – KMW is firmly committed to biomass as an anchor technology in the furthering of renewable energy production in Canada and is a proud participant in the BIOCAP initiatives as well as constantly developing its own technology and knowledge through ongoing research and development.
    • Pride – a real made in Canada solution that is Kyoto compliant.
    Biomass Facts

    Extracting energy from biomass is an ancient practice, dating back to when people first burnt wood to provide heat and light.

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