Olivier Kugler’s compelling series of evocative drawings documents the experiences of Syrian refugees he met in Iraqi Kurdistan, Greece, France, Germany, Switzerland and England, mostly on assignment for Médecins Sans Frontières. This is indie music in a way we haven’t heard in such a long time, it hits you in places you’ve completely forgotten about, and is most likely going to be one of the soundtracks to this years festival season.

They were often young, often punk, and generally politically leftist, with anarchists heavily represented. They asked what people needed, worked spontaneously, and bought tents and oranges and kids’ books with their own money. A representative from Médicins Sans Frontières told me that their work in Greece was magnificent. Escaping Wars and Waves begins at the Domiz refugee camp in Iraqi Kurdistan, where in 2013 Kugler stayed with Médicins Sans Frontières to document their work. We each sat with refugees in a circle on the floor, and we each drew them while they spoke. But as in Joe Sacco’s Palestine , Kugler’s sprawl of testimony shows how these individual histories accumulate, blur, and shuffle.

She explains that her business profits are down fifty percent because of the incoming refugees. Locals get nervous around them and she now has to find a trading spot in a quieter location. Claudi says she doesn’t blame the refugees, as they are her friends.

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Sherine, a physiotherapist from Aleppo, tells Olivier that thirty of her friends and family had escaped from Syria. The rest of her group were still in Turkey, still attempting to join them. ‘In December, 2013, I travelled together with Julien Rey from ‘Médecins Sans Frontières‘ to Domiz Refugee Camp . My opening words to the people I met were, ‘Hello, my name is Olivier Kugler. ‘Médecins Sans Frontières’ commissioned me to portray Syrian refugees in order to help raise awareness about their situation. ‘The photos won’t be published, but I need them as reference for my drawings”‘. Based on many interviews, and hundreds of reference photos, these drawings by Olivier Kugler beautifully observed drawings of his interviewees bring to life their location – a room, a camp, on the road.

Tuesday, 17 Aug 2021

One of the things we as outsiders are able to take solace in is that MSF are providing people with access to mental healthcare. The care workers accompanying Kuger appear in many of the interviews offering support and guidance that is so desperately needed. God knows what some of them have been through – despite many opening up to Kugler, it’s obvious this is barely scratching the tip of the iceberg. We all know how bad a place we can be in when dealing with emotional upsets – illness, losing a loved one – and how emotionally hard it is to cope, and that is us with our home, rest of our family and friends around us. Imagine having those kinds of traumas and losing your home, the town you lived in destroyed, having to flee your own land and throw yourself out hoping desperately for help. Kugler does not pretend to have answers to these enormous practical and ethical problems, what he does here is give us people, not statistics, not some politician’s ideologically driven rhetoric.

While backdrops get mere framing lines and partial coloring, Kugler captures Djwan’s long eyelashes and five o’clock shadow. Elsewhere, he’s meticulous about artful head scarf textures or graphic T-shirts. His thin inked line is sometimes doubled-up, so that shadow-like outlines appear around otherwise finished renderings of his subjects’ arms and legs. It suggests motion, but it’s an effect that also recalls double-exposed photos, which is where Kugler’s journalism begins. Over three million Syrians live in somewhat better conditions in Turkey, but Syrian kids still beg on Istanbul’s Istiklal Avenue and Syrian college graduates still toil in sweatshops. As for the Gulf, “the wealthy Arab states of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates offer the refugees no chance for resettlement,” Brown notes.

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Police beat a young man while she watches, then force Evans to delete her photos of the incident. In one harrowing scene, an organization decides to distribute kids’ clothes from inside a transparent-walled arts center known as the Good Chance Dome. As the destitute refugees shove, volunteers guard all-too-visible boxes of clothing. “The Good Chance Ethereum Dome has been so many things…but always, always, it has been a place of welcome,” Evans writes. “Now we’re…trying to keep people out.” As tensions build, the plastic dome collapses. Evans jokes darkly that she could have drawn the scene as a cartoon for the Daily Mail. A page from the Kos section of Escaping wars and waves by Olivier Kugler.

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The sections of the book follow the route of refugees into Europe ending pertinently and powerfully with Syrian families finding hospitality in the German village of the artist’s birth. “I am very grateful that I had the chance to meet the people that I portrayed in my drawings. Each story in this eye-opening book is both personal and meaningful. The reality of each refugee’s tale is given face on, with absolutely no sugar-coating. The capacity for the boat was one hundred and fifty people. Wisam says there were nearly five hundred refugees on the boat when he tried to cross the Mediterranean to get to Italy.

Since 2015, most Western journalists have focused on refugees in Europe, but Brown spends time on the 90 percent of refugees who remain in the Middle East. The fourth-largest city in Jordan is now Zaatari, a Syrian refugee camp. “Kids pick potatoes, labor in textile factories, or wash dishes,” Brown writes, across four harsh panels of toiling children. (In 2013, I visited Syrians’ makeshift camps in the Bekaa Valley. Refugees lived in tents made of billboard vinyl and burned plastic bags for heat. The T3 Whirl isn’t just one of the best-looking curling wands on the market, though – it combines ease of use with the latest in hair-styling technologies.

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  • Their thirteenyear-old daughter, Nour, wants to be a nurse—and now goes by Nora.
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  • Natural shine hair care product for short and brushable hairstyles.
  • Olivier Kugler is an extraordinarily skilled journalist and cartoonist who is taking comics journalism to a new level.

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Their story is typical of countless others who have literally fled for their lives. One day, a helicopter appeared and randomly began destroying houses in his Damascus street.

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