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    From the beginning of KMW’s independent operations in Canada in 1987 we have worked to refine and expand on the possibilities of our combustion technology for biomass fuels. Starting with the lumber industry, KMW has worked with numerous customers across Canada and in the United States employing well developed, industry leading bioenergy systems that have fuelled the success of not only the mills in which they are installed but also the communities in which they are located. From there KMW branched out to show Canadians the immediate possibilities for implementation of biomass energy, such as district heating, greenhouses, and institutional and industrial energy supply. KMW systems have been installed in hospitals and schools, manufacturing plants and even supplies year round heat energy to a whole village in Northern Quebec.

    KMW is a constant participant in energy and environmental issues and in events assisting to facilitate the growth of renewable energy use in Canada. Government and educational institutions rely upon us to contribute ideas and expertise on bioenergy. KMW is a proud member of the team working with BIOCAP to define Canada’s path to develop a world class, sustainable bioenergy industry in Canada.

    KMW works closely with our clients project management teams, engineering staff and professional advisors to evaluate and implement biomass energy projects. KMW has met and exceeded the requirements of Fortune 500 companies time and time again, delivering customized bioenergy systems. We strive to establish life long relationships with our customers and their communities by providing systems with a service life in excess of 25 years. KMW is dedicated to the use, growth, sustainability, and responsible use of biomass energy.

    From consulting, to system design and supply, to development, KMW has over 35 years as the world leader in biomass.
    Biomass Facts
    Worldwide, biomass is the fourth largest energy resource after coal, oil, and natural gas.
    KMW’s response to the need for greater biomass fuel flexibility is our continuing efforts in research and development to enhance our combustion technology.

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