KMW Energy Inc. has the imagination, understanding, and expertise required to design and engineer customized bioenergy systems to meet the thermal heat and electric energy needs of today and the future. Our bioenergy systems have been built to suit a wide range of applications including sawmills, remanufacturing facilities, hospitals, schools, pulp and paper mills, power utility plants, co-generation facilities, district heating, and greenhouses.

Energy from biomass is clean, environmentally friendly, and carbon-neutral. It is one of the keys to any sustainable renewable energy plan. In addition, Bioenergy from a KMW system provides significant cost savings over fossil fuel alternatives with the added benefit of stable and predictable energy prices.

We invite you to take a closer look and see how KMW can benefit your operation.

The potential for bioenergy is virtually limitless! The use of bioenergy provides many other benefits beyond the obvious savings on energy costs. The positive impacts on the environment and local community are immeasurable. Follow this section for further information on how bioenergy can benefit local communities.

Follow this section to see how KMW’s well-proven bioenergy system works and can convert biomass into useful energy for your application. They are designed with simplicity in mind for maximum reliability yet sophisticated in performance to meet today’s and future requirements for low emissions and high efficiencies.

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